Here’s what readers have been saying about recently published articles.


Readers are the backbone of any magazine. The more subscribers a publication has, the more advertisers are willing to invest. In a time when new online blogs are popping up daily, the world’s leading print and digital magazines have to work even harder to keep the attention of their readers. Whether it’s a glossy international print magazine or an ambitious and growing blog-turned-magazine, keeping readers engaged, inspired, and entertained is what I strive for with each article I write. Here is what readers have been saying about some of my most recently published work.


“This is a damn good article.”

“You nailed it. Thank you. I learned something about style.”

“A well-rounded piece, deftly treading the tightrope of sartorial opinion.”

“This should be a public service announcement.”

“Wonderfully written article with many recognizable points. Makes me want to light up a cigar after reading this article. I look forward to your other articles.”

“A lovely article.”

“This article should be printed out by all and memorized.”

“Ugly watches. Wouldn’t give them the time of day. But a great informative article.”

“Thanks for the guidance!“

“A delightful post! Thanks for saying what needs to be said (and saying it so well!)”

“This article ought to inspire.”

“I believe it was a couple of years ago that I realized the articles I was enjoying the most (and often going back to re-read every few months) on Gentleman’s Gazette and HeSpoke [sic] were all written by the same person: you. Thank you very much for your contributions to the corpus, and my sincere apologies for not writing sooner to let you know of my extreme admiration.”

*Some testimonials may have been edited for clarity.