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J.A. Shapira writes for some of the world’s most popular magazines for men. Often regarded as an authority on classic men’s style and savoir-vivre, his articles have received critical acclaim due to his uncompromising and unapologetic reviews, his exceptionally discerning tastes, and an almost obsessive expectation of perfection.

J.A. Shapira offers a range of services to private clients around the world, both in person and virtually.

Some of the most popular services include:

  • Wardrobe and style consulting to help develop a lean and versatile wardrobe, maximize outfit opportunities, dress for success, or help select the perfect attire for important events.
  • Cigar and whisky tastings for intimate and larger groups.
  • Trial consulting for lawyers and their clients where he helps select outfits that can influence the judge and jury using proven strategies.
  • Skype sessions where you can pick J.A. Shapira’s brain in a personal, one-on-one discussion.
  • Shopping experiences where J.A. Shapira will help you curate a wardrobe, select the perfect outfit for an occasion or even help you find the best bottles of liquor to stock your bar.
  • Hospitality reviews, audits, consulting and training to assist new or struggling restaurants, hotels, and bars in pursuing perfection as it relates to food and beverage service.
  • Public speaking and lectures for large and small groups.
  • A range of marketing writing services from a curated network of credentialed and well-known freelance journalists and reporters overseen and managed by J.A. Shapira.
  • Bespoke services relating to the topics J.A. Shapira writes about and customized based on your needs.

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We had a fantastic training experience.

Janet Harder

General Manager, The Met

J.A. Shapira’s insights clearly come from earned experience. The patience he took to understand the challenges I was faced with, and his ability to concisely explain real-world solutions were invaluable. Finally, his clear and honest nature made it easy to act on his direction with confidence.

Adam French

Creative Director, Adan Ballou

*Please note that services are only provided during times when it does not conflict with Mr. Shapira’s editorial calendar. All services are subject to a specific set of guidelines, and in addition to fees, any and all expenses incurred (including travel) are the responsibility of the client.