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The Chaplain’s Guide to Freemasonry

This volume is a complete guide for Lodge Chaplains and members of Freemasonry – the world’s largest and oldest fraternity.

This guide is intended to assist newly appointed Chaplains so they may learn to succeed in this chosen path. Inside you’ll find prayers and anecdotes for a wide range of scenarios from how to say grace at the dinner table to the prayers used while officiating at a funeral. While most Lodges have a small handout of prayers for use, this guide provides a hard copied version of many popular prayers that can be carried with you at Lodge, but also in the privacy of your home.

Since this volume is dedicated for the exclusive use of Freemasons, others who peruse it may find certain terms difficult to comprehend. It is done so with purpose and one that you will only find the answers to, should you, apply to become a Freemason.  Click here to get your copy. (SRP: $19.95 USD).





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The Shaving Guide

The Shaving Guide is the world’s most in-depth book on everything you need to know about the five different types of shaving. With reviews of more than 150 razors and shaving products, this book answers all of your questions on how to get the best shave possible. With detailed instructions on how to shave with various types of razors, you’ll learn how to banish irritation, save time and money, and get the closest and most comfortable shave of your life. Now turned into a course, this 59-unit system comes complete with 50+ HD video tutorials so you can easily and quickly perfect your shave. Ideal for the professional barber, the shaving enthusiast, and especially those who hate shaving, this is the ultimate shaving guide for men. Click here to get the online course and 288-page book. (SRP: $150.00 USD).