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J.A. Shapira offers editorial writing services for print and electronically published magazines worldwide. In addition, he oversees a curated network of experienced journalists who offer marketing writing to luxury brands and the advertising agencies that represent them.


Frequently Asked Questions




J.A. Shapira is a freelance journalist with valid press/media credentials in the United States, Canada and abroad. Despite being a freelancer, Mr. Shapira does not provide spec or unpaid work, nor does he offer “test” articles to prospective clients. Clients have the option of paying per word or on a monthly retainer for a set number of articles previously agreed upon. Clients who commit to assigning a set number of articles per month are eligible for a reduced flat rate. J.A. Shapira also offers a referral program. To learn more about the referral program, please email info@jashapira.com.


Length of Contract


For most clients, J.A. Shapira works on an as-needed basis and not under a term contract. Mr. Shapira has an open-door policy which allows clients to take a break from his services based on their editorial requirements and return at any time with the same rate guaranteed (availability and schedule permitting). For clients who require articles on an as-needed basis and do not commit to a set number of articles per month, all assignments are accepted on a first come/first serve basis.


Article Kills


Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, due to a busy schedule, J.A. Shapira requires that notice to suspend, cancel, or kill an article be provided in writing within 24 hours following assignment. For articles that are killed following that period, a 35% kill fee will be charged. For articles killed within 48 hours of deadline or following the submission of a first draft (whichever comes first), the client will be charged a 100% kill fee. Some exceptions may apply.


Edits & Revisions


Mr. Shapira provides unlimited edits and up to two revisions free of charge. This does not include increases to the word count and some other exceptions may apply.




Unless negotiated before the assignment of an article, clients receive standard First North American Serial Rights (FNASR) or the equivalent rights for their region (i.e. British, Australian, etc.) with the option to purchase additional rights up to and including All Rights. Some exceptions may apply.


Payment Options


We gladly accept corporate checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. For clients located in Canada, we also accept Interac e-transfers. All clients are billed in United States Dollars (USD).


Editorial Contracts & Non-Disclosure Agreements


J.A. Shapira provides a standard freelance editorial agreement for all clients. However, for clients who wish to use their own agreements and contracts, Mr. Shapira is happy to oblige provided that his NWU advisor approves of the terms and conditions.


If you are an editor or publisher interested in working with J.A. Shapira, please email info@jashapira.com.



*Please note that the above information only applies to editorial content for print and electronically published magazines and does not apply to marketing writing services.