Specializing exclusively in classic men’s style and luxury lifestyle stories, J.A. Shapira is an award-winning journalist and avid contributor to a variety of interesting and popular magazines across North America and Europe. Today, not only have his articles received critical acclaim from market leaders, but due to his uncompromising and unapologetic reviews, his exceptionally discerning tastes and an almost obsessive expectation of perfection, his articles and reviews have been published by numerous award-winning publishers including TIME Inc., Cigar Aficionado, eBay, JamesEdition, Gentleman’s Gazette, He Spoke Style, Hugo Jacomet’s Parisian Gentleman, The Distilled Man, among many others. He is the author of The Shaving Guide and The Chaplain’s Guide to Freemasonry, as well as the upcoming book, Masonic Dress. In 2014, he was honored by being named the global brand ambassador for American Crew.

An active participant in the international press community, he is a member of the National Writers Union, the Canadian Association of Journalists, the U.S. Press Agency, the Luxury Society, RR1, the Canadian BBQ Society, the North American Sommelier Association and the venerable National Press Club in Washington, DC. With a passion for men’s style, decadent cigars, premium spirits and fine dining, he writes about the following topics on a regular basis:

  • Men’s Style and Grooming
  • Premium Spirits and Cigars
  • Etiquette and Manners
  • Luxury Products and Services
  • Fine Dining
  • Lavish Travel Experiences
  • Luxury Watches
  • Private Jets, Yachts, and Motorcars

Residing in Western Canada, he is an avid collector of fine accessories, cigars, and various bottles of whisky from around the world. When he’s not writing, his free time is spent sailing, volunteering, and chasing his kids around in a bow tie.

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